Are your leaders ready for a changed world?

We deliver a 9-module online leadership course designed to give your leaders the key skills to adapt and thrive in the challenging times ahead.

Core Leadership Skills

  1. The three elements that make up a leader – an exploration of what is leadership and why it is essential at all levels of your organisation as it changes and thrives.
  2. The functions of leadership – an overview of what you must do to achieve the task, support the team and get the best out of each individual whilst everything is changing around you.
  3. Objective setting and planning – adapting to a new reality and being clear to get the Task done and how to engage the Team and Individuals. Bring clarity to your decision making, fully understand the role of leader and go back to work with a framework of actions.
  4. Briefing and supporting your team – the tools, techniques and awareness you need. Sharpen up your communication skills – the oxygen of leadership.
  5. What is the maturity of your team? – identify the dynamics at play and learn how to move them forward. As times change , provide the impetus for growth.
  6. How do I motivate people? – the needs and wants of your individuals and how to get the best out of them – without any favourites – in an ever more complex world.
  7. Resolving problems – early intervention and employment law essentials. Giving you the confidence to deal with matters before they affect the Team and your ability to achieve the Task.
  8. Coaching and mentoring skills to develop your team, overcome new challenges and achieve long term success.
  9. Evaluating performance, appraisal skills and the link to objectives – creating an appraisal process that links development with objectives and has the flexibility to respond to changing priorities. How do you analyse your own performance?

Each of the nine modules is 2 x 1 hours, delivered by video link.

Our training is built on the solid foundations of Action Centred Leadership (ACL), the foremost system based on what a leader actually has to do.



Directors, owners, MDs – is your strategy still relevant? Is your organisation’s leadership consistent?

Strategic Level Leadership

We focus on the additional functions of leadership for people running a department or the whole organisation.

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Through a combination of presentations, discussion, practical exercises and assessments, the four modules will provide participants with:

  1. An understanding of their role as strategic leaders in a time of great change.
  2. A method of looking at their leadership style, including their strengths and areas that require development.
  3. The ability to recognise the needs of a particular situation, and the type of leadership action that can lead to success.
  4. Practice of the strategic leadership techniques that enable individuals to contribute greatly in achieving their goal.
  5. An action plan to take back to their work situation.

In working with strategic leaders we will also consider:

  • Identifying whether, as a group, you focus more on some areas than others.
  • Clarifying the leadership you wish/need to bring to the organisation.
  • Getting your senior people to work better as a team as your organisation changes.

The course is delivered in 4 x 2-hour modules via video link.

To explore the options for your organisation contact Trevor Vanstone, Accredited Trainer at Team, Operational and Strategic Level of Action Centred Leadership by emailing or phoning 01392 247436.

“Covid-19 presents leadership challenges at all levels of society: internationally and nationally, as well as in every business and local community and perhaps even in extended families.

“In short, it is a great reminder of the universal need for ‘good leaders and leaders for good’. So now is the time to reflect upon the importance of ACL in the field of leadership development and to prepare ourselves for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Professor John Adair, creator of Action Centred Leadership, March 2020

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