Action Centred Leadership

Our training is built on the solid foundations of Action Centred Leadership (ACL), the foremost system based on what a leader actually has to do and based on the work of Professor John Adair.

Our open courses cover the following areas and we can tailor any course to be bespoke for your organisation:

  • The three elements that make up a leader – an exploration of what is leadership and why it is essential at all levels of your organisation as it changes and thrives.
  • The functions of leadership – an overview of what you must do to achieve the task, support the team and get the best out of each individual whilst everything is changing around you.
  • Objective setting and planning – adapting to a new reality and being clear to get the Task done and how to engage the Team and Individuals. Bring clarity to your decision making, fully understand the role of leader and go back to work with a framework of actions.
  • Briefing, supporting and developing your team – the tools, techniques and awareness you need. Sharpen up your communication skills – the oxygen of leadership.
  • How do I motivate people? – the needs and wants of your individuals and how to get the best out of them – without any favourites – in an ever more complex world.
  • Evaluating performance, appraisal skills and the link to objectives – creating a process that links development with objectives and has the flexibility to respond to changing priorities. How do you analyse your own performance?

*Contact Trevor Vanstone on 01392 247436 or email to discuss a bespoke course for your team.

Employment Essentials

Give your leaders the tools they need with our concise and focussed courses on essential skills for the workplace – delivered via video link:

  1. Employment Law Essentials – Early intervention to avoid performance issues, the legislation underpinning the modern workplace, equality and inclusion, disciplinary, capability and investigations, grievances, practical advice to manage sickness, upcoming changes.
  2. Recruitment and Selection – Being clear on the skills you need, attracting the best candidates and avoiding discrimination, shortlisting, competency-based interview techniques.
  3. Appraisal Skills – Ensuring that the review system matches employees’ development with the strategy and objectives of the organisation, giving feedback, setting targets and the vital follow up actions.

*Contact Trevor Vanstone on 01392 247436 or email to find out more.

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