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For nearly 16 years the team at Perspective HR has helped over 400 organisations, develop a simple and effective approach to the management of their most vital asset, their people.

These are the services we offer:

+ HR and employment advice and documents

​We operate with organisations across England and Wales, ensuring employment documents are up to date and advising on a vast range of work and HR topics to help you get the best from your team.

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+ An online HR management system

​Breathe is an online tool that helps you escape the admin of managing employees, allowing you to focus on growing your organisation. This means you can access employee data, when and wherever needed, in a safe and secure environment.

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+ Leadership and employment training

Perspective HR has a range of training and coaching options in HR and Leadership, all reflecting our practical and hands-on approach to the challenges at work. To help you set and achieve the objectives for you and your organisation.

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Exeter Golf and Country Club

We are proud to have supported Exeter Golf and Country Club since 2007 and have undertaken an extensive range of HR and employment work supporting the internal team.

Land Rover Experience

As the centre has developed, Perspective HR has been on hand to assist over the last decade. This has included drafting employee contracts and handbooks, dealing with queries and Action Centred Leadership training for senior staff.

Westexe Forklifts

The team at Perspective HR has been involved for a decade, providing a full range of HR services from the essential documents to leadership training and the roll out of Breathe HR, the web-based HR management system which has added enormous efficiency, ease of use and time saving to the employment function.

Our Clients

Pregnancy Redundancy Protection Extended

In a redundancy situation, pregnant employees, and employees on maternity leave, adoption leave or longer periods of shared parental leave (but not paternity leave) must be prioritised over other employees when it comes to being offered suitable alternative employment.

Flexible Working

A flexible working request is a formal request to adapt an employee’s working pattern. Popular requests are to work from home, to work part time, to work compressed hours, to have longer lunch breaks, or to use flexitime to work different hours each week.

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