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COVID Update

Four years after coronavirus first arrived in the UK, employers can treat it the same as they would any other infectious illness.

I’ve just been promoted – what do I do?

If you have ever used these words: I’ve just been promoted – what do I do? I am struggling to delegate – how do you make that judgment call? How do I develop managers under me and create a succession plan?

Adverse Weather

The UK is at risk of snow and heavy rain over the next few weeks, and such adverse weather conditions can create some difficult issues for employers.

Crump Consultancy Services

An offer for Perspective HR clients from a specialist consultant we have worked with since 2007 – Diana Crump Consultancy.

Employment Law Changes for 2024

A summary of the employment law updates being introduced in 2024 and beyond, including rolled up holiday pay and the Carer’s Leave Act.

Holiday Pay

The Supreme Court has held in the case of Chief Constable of Police Service of Northern Ireland v Agnew that employees can now claim for historic underpayments of holiday pay even if there are gaps of more than three months between deductions.

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