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Statutory Rates From 2019

Statutory Rates From 2019 – We have summarised the new statutory rates below, which will come into force in April 2019.

What a Leader Actually Does

What a Leader Actually Does – If you are not sure on the strategy of your organisation, the targets and objectives for your team – there is an answer: go and bang loudly on the right door and ask.

Right to be Accompanied at Disciplinary Hearings

Right to be Accompanied at Disciplinary Hearings – A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) case considered whether an employer should have postponed a disciplinary hearing when the employee’s trade union official couldn’t attend the proposed date.

Bereavement Leave for Parents Who Lose a Child

Bereavement Leave for Parents Who Lose a Child – The right to paid leave for bereaved parents was officially enshrined in law on 13th September 2018 and is expected to come into force in 2020.

Employment Law Update January 2018

Employment Law Update January 2018 – We have summarised the recent changes in employment legislation below and detailed the dates that these will come into force.

It’s Time for Action

It’s Time for Action – Perspective HR works with organisations that take the development, safety and success of their people seriously.

Employment Tribunal Fees Scrapped

Employment Tribunal Fees Scrapped – The Supreme Court ruled the government was acting unlawfully last week for introducing fees for bringing a claim to the Employment Tribunal.

Top Tips for Recruiting

Top Tips for Recruiting – Before the recruitment process begins, the employer needs to gather all the information about the job together to form the job description and person specification.

Flexible Working for Dads

Flexible Working for Dads – New research from Working Families and Bright Horizons has warned that 70% of dads would like more flexible working in order to have further involvement in family life.

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