Strategic leadership

Directors, owners, MDs – is your strategy still relevant? Is your organisation’s leadership consistent?

We focus on the additional functions of leadership for people running a department or the whole organisation.

Through a combination of presentations, discussion, practical exercises and assessments, the course will provide participants with:

  1. An understanding of their role as strategic leaders in a time of great change.
  2. A method of looking at their leadership style, including their strengths and areas that require development.
  3. The ability to recognise the needs of a particular situation, and the type of leadership action that can lead to success.
  4. Practice of the strategic leadership techniques that enable individuals to contribute greatly in achieving their goal.
  5. An action plan to take back to their work situation.

In working with strategic leaders we will also consider:

  • Identifying whether, as a group, you focus more on some areas than others.
  • Clarifying the leadership you wish/need to bring to the organisation.
  • Getting your senior people to work better as a team as your organisation changes.

The course is delivered over one day via video link or in person at a time and date to suit your organisation.

*Contact Trevor Vanstone on 01392 247436 or email to discuss a bespoke course for your senior team.

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