I’ve just been promoted – what do I do?

If you have ever used these words:

I’ve just been promoted – what do I do?

I am struggling to delegate – how do you make that judgement call?

How do I develop managers under me and create a succession plan?

The good news is that you are asking the right questions – and there is an opportunity to find the answers at our next Action Centred Leadership (ACL) course in April.

It also means that you are alert to the biggest pitfall at work (or life, come to think of it) – putting someone into a leadership role without the necessary training.

In fact, research suggest that the vast majority of leaders – whether they are called supervisors, team leaders or managers – have had no training in what is a new set of skills.

As Professor John Adair, the world’ foremost leadership scholar and the creator of Action Centred Leadership (ACL), said: ‘You wouldn’t put your children on a school bus with an untrained driver………’

Perspective HR Director Trevor Vanstone is an accredited ACL trainer, since 2010, and was recently named as an ACL Ambassador by Professor Adair’s company.

We run ‘open’ courses each year and the next one is on April 16th and 23rd at the Land Rover Experience at Awliscombe, near Honiton, Devon. The two-day course is split over two weeks to make it easier for busy people to attend and to create time to absorb the learning.

ACL is highly practical and focusses on what you actually need to do as a leader and gives you an action plan for back at work.

Trevor commented: ‘The joy of the open course is that you have delegates from a range of organisations and therefore different viewpoints. Our January course sold out and we have had a lot of interest for the April event.’

Click here to find out more and book your space.

ACL can also be delivered in-house for an organisation.

To speak to Trevor directly, please email trevor@perpectivehr.co.uk or phone 01392 247436.

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