ACL Masterclasses

Action Centered Leadership Masterclasses

Hosted at the Land Rover Experience

As someone who has attended our Action Centred Leadership (ACL) course with Trevor Vanstone you have hopefully found it to be a practical framework to develop your team.

We talked about the balance of getting the Task done, supporting the Team and getting the best out of each Individual. We looked at the functions of leadership, reinforced it with exercises and you left with an action plan for back at work.

This was a lot to cram into two days! You then had the harder job of applying it back at work. Perhaps some further support was required?

That support is now available – a series of 5 ACL Masterclasses being staged at the magnificent Land Rover Experience Centre in East Devon to deepen your knowledge.


  • ACL Masterclass 1 (half day £145 +VAT) Objective setting and planning – being clear to get the Task done and how to engage the Team and Individuals.
  • ACL Team Leader Masterclass 2 (half day £145 +VAT) Supporting your people – the tools, techniques and awareness you need.
  • ACL Team Leader Masterclass 3 (half day £145 +VAT) Resolving problems – early intervention and employment law essentials. Giving you the confidence to deal with matters before they affect the Team and your ability to achieve the Task.
  • ACL Team Leader Masterclass 4 (half day £145 +VAT) Coaching and mentoring skills to develop your Team.
  • ACL Team Leader Masterclass 5 (half day £145 +VAT) Evaluating performance, appraisal skills and the link to objectives. Creating an ACL appraisal process.

You can pick and choose which of the practical courses would suit or sign up for all five at a special rate of £600 + VAT.

Since you went on the course there have been a few changes:

  • Perspective HR was the Employment and Leadership training wing of Amarisk Ltd, the safety specialists, whom we still work closely with.
  • And the Land Rover Experience has just invested around £350k in a truly superb training and conference room and overall upgrade.

Give Trevor a ring on 01392 247436 to discuss further, or send an email to

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