Director Presenting at Sandhurst

Perspective HR Director Trevor Vanstone will be presenting a case study on how the programme has helped a leading South West firm at a gathering of Action Centred Leadership (ACL) trainers at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, on Friday, September 30th.

Trevor, an accredited (ACL) trainer at Team Leader, Operational and Strategic Level, will be telling the annual gathering of trainers about how Pavey Group have benefited from training their Directors and Team Leaders by completing a six-day programme earlier this year. Pavey Group are one of the South West’s top insurance and financial services firms.

Action Centred Leadership looks at the functions of leading – what you actually have to do to ensure the task is completed, the team is working well and each individual is achieving their potential. It is based on the work of Professor John Adair – who will be there to hear the case study.

Trevor said: “ACL has been used by business and the military for decades and is tried and trusted. It is the framework for training leadership and it is great to be giving this talk at its spiritual home – Sandhurst – where Professor Adair developed the theory.”

Perspective HR is one of a tiny number of companies who can offer ACL to their clients to complement its HR services. “Most HR issues can be avoided by clear leadership and there is no doubt that for any company to grow it needs to invest in training leaders at all levels – and especially its ‘middle managers’ and team leaders, who are often delivering the services and managing employees,” Trevor commented.

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