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Action Centred Leadership – Team Leader Course

Hosted at the Land Rover Experience

Who is this course for?
If you are technically good at what you do and are finding the extra demands of leading and managing a team a challenge – this is the essential skills you need to boost your career and your organisation.

So often we promote our best salesperson or engineer and expect them to automatically lead the team to great success. That doesn’t always happen straight away – leadership has to be learned.

What will we cover?
Action Centred Leadership (ACL) is based on the work of Professor John Adair, the UK’s foremost leadership scholar. The model has been used successfully in business and the military for decades and is tried and trusted. It gives a very vivid picture of the role of a leader and what that person has to actually do.

The Team Leader Level of ACL looks at the functions of a leader (planning, supporting, evaluating etc.) to ensure that the task is achieved, the team is functioning and the individuals within that team are working in the way that they should. It is relevant to anybody in a leadership role, be it running four people in a team up to the directors.

This open course is delivered over two days. The course staged as two separate days with a week in between – this makes it easier for busy people to attend and allows time for the learning to be absorbed and put into action.

The busy two days include a series of exercises which enable everybody to have a go at being the leader and also to observe someone else being in charge. Delegates also undertake a diagnostic exercise to explore their own leadership style and give pointers for future development.

The work is based around a combination of theory, people’s own experiences, real life work scenarios and the exercises. The genius of John Adair was that he came up with a process which enables us to train people in leadership – rather than just studying the theory.

We also explore some of the needs, wants and motivations of individuals and we look at other approaches to leadership such as the qualities and situational approaches. Coaching skills are also explored as part of the techniques for improving individuals.

Team Leader level ACL is appropriate for all leaders and managers and gives a complete overview of the theory and practical application.

Dates and venue
Our open courses are staged at the Land Rover Experience near Honiton. The centre has recently undergone a £350k investment in new training and conferencing facilities and is simply a fabulous venue. The catering is top notch too!

Our current open course dates are:

  • November 10th and 17th 2020

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Contact details
Trevor Vanstone – Perspective HR Managing Director and ACL trainer
t. 01392 247436
m. 07811 955837

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