A New Year to focus on what is important

With clients from a wide range of sectors in England and Wales, Perspective HR has daily feedback on the issues and challenges facing anyone running an organisation.

Our job is not simply to provide advice and create and review the vital employment documents, but to also provide bespoke support for directors, managers and supervisors.

This can involve our partnership with Breathe HR, the online HR system which enables everything to be kept in one secure place, saving a huge amount of time.

Another key part of our role is bespoke training for our clients often in the form of Action Centred Leadership – the functions of leading, what you actually have to do. Knowledge can be further built on with the strategic level of Action Centred Leadership.

Sometimes HR ‘issues’ can have their roots in a leadership conversation that was never had, which is not a criticism as managers today have a whole range of priorities and the demands are ever changing.

Our Employment Essentials course enables managers and team leaders to have the knowledge and confidence to intervene early if there is an issue with an employee such as a concern around capability or wellbeing.

One of the most critical issues is around recruiting and selecting the best people in the first place. Thought needs to be given to the skills and qualities for the role – after all this person will become an integral part of the team perhaps in a leadership role or customer facing.

It is key to have a proper structured interview and scoring system and in today’s job market it’s also essential to flag up the benefits and flexibility of a particular role. It is not always possible, but sometimes to get the best candidates, a few tweaks have to be made to ensure the role works for everyone. Indeed, all of our clients talk about the difficulty of attracting top quality staff.

With these challenges in mind and, as we hopefully emerge from two years of the pandemic, we have put together a series of specialist training events for our clients to kickstart 2022. Details and booking here. These events are all delivered online in three-hour blocks to make them cost effective in terms of time and money.

In addition, there is a further opportunity for business leaders to take part in the Peer Networks programme, organised through Business Information Point (BIP) and facilitated by Perspective HR Director Trevor Vanstone.  The sessions, which start on February 3rd, enable leaders to gain insight and ideas from other business leaders and the scheme is fully funded by the UK Government. Details here or give Trevor a ring on 01392 247436.

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