Boost Your Leadership Skills – Winter Dates Announced for our Next Courses

We don’t believe that having a safe environment and productive colleagues happens by chance.

It is all about leadership – setting the tone on developing your people, and having safety as one of your core values. To this end we seek to help our clients develop leadership and best practice at all levels, especially people who are technically good at what they do but need some guidance on the ‘people bit’.

Our Action Centred Leadership course focuses on the functions of leadership – what you actually have to do to ensure the task is done, the team is functioning and you get the best out of each individual – with all of their differing needs, wants and motivations!

It is a busy two days (one day a week over two weeks) staged at the prestigious Land Rover Experience Centre at Awliscombe near Honiton. The course is based on the work of the UK’s top leadership scholar Professor John Adair and has been used as a framework for leadership in business and the military for decades.

The highly practical course gives you the chance to explore your own style and practice leadership in a series of exercises. You also work on a practical solution to improve an aspect of your team’s performance.

We are already taking bookings for our next courses – the details and booking form can be found here.

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